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ARK Gets a New Content Update Today! Learn All About the Direbear Here!

by on April 20, 2016

Studio Wildcard has officially announced a new update for ARK: Survival Evolved that starts today. The new content update is available now for the Steam version of the game. New creatures will now be available in the game with the Direbears and the Manta. In addition, new structures have also been added to the game with the Chemistry Table and the Primitive Cannon. The first Boss Arena has also been unveiled with the Broodmother. You can check out the new reveal trailer for the latest content update below.

The Direbear, aka Arctodus Dirus, is found on the Island’s mountain and tundra regions. The Direbear is an imposing creature that is territorial in nature. It will ignore most non-hostile creatures while it scavenges for meat and edible plant life. If intruders enter its territory, it will viciously attack. The smartest thing is to run from an angry Direbear. If tamed, the Direbear is a reliable mount.

The Manta, aka the Manta Mobula, is a water creature that is a saltwater ray. It can also swim into the island’s rivers and shallows and through the open ocean. The Manta also works as a deadly ocean mount that can be ridden bare-back. It can also briefly leap out of water, which is good for avoiding combat. The Manta is not aggressive unless encroached.

ARK: Survival Evolved is slated for a full launch later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with Project Morpheus Support. It will also receive a full release for Steam PC. The game is available now for Xbox One through Microsoft’s Game Preview and Steam’s Early Access program for Windows PC. You can also check out some pictures of the new creatures in the gallery below. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size images.

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