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The Division Reveals New Survival Expansion!

by on November 8, 2016

During a livestream by Ubisoft, and documented by Kotaku, The Division is getting a brand new gameplay mode that’ll turn the first-person shooter into a survival game.

Adding to the twist is that the optional new mode will be on the same map as the main game, however, a blizzard has swept through the area, and changed the landscape. Furthermore, agents will need to make their way to the center of Manhattan in order to get vital anti-viral medicine.

In another twist, the survival mode will be able to have up to 24 people playing it at once, all striving to try and get the medicine before dying because of the extreme conditions. You’ll have only basic items to start, and will have to find supplies in order to advance, or craft new tools to get by.

No release date for the Survival Mode has been given, but PC players with the Season Pass can Beta Test it now.

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