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The Division 2’s Story Is 40 Hours Long

by Todd Blackon January 19, 2019
How long will the story of The Division 2 be? Will it be better than the last one? One of the biggest problems with the original The Division is that while it had a lot of widespread content, the story itself was flawed, with a rather terrible ending according to the gamers who played it. […]
The Division 2

The Division 2 Gets ESRB Rating

by Todd Blackon January 7, 2019
What’s the official rating for The Division 2? Does the description give any clues to the game itself? The Division 2 arrives on console and PC on March 15th. But before that happens, the ESRB had to make its rating for the game. Not surprisingly, it (like its predecessor) got an “M” rating. Here is […]

The Division 2

Ubisoft Won’t Make The Division 2 Political For Business Reasons

by Todd Blackon October 21, 2018
Will The Division 2 get darker and more political in nature? What’s Ubisoft’s thoughts on this? Putting messages into video games (outside of the obvious ones for story sake) is a tried and true tradition. This goes especially for titles that have the perfect setting to do such messaging. When you look at The Division […]
The Division

The Division Update 1.5 Arrives On PS4 Tomorrow!

by Todd Blackon November 29, 2016
While Ubisoft unveiled details for the next major update for The Division last week, and even released it for Xbox One and PC, PS4 owners have had to wait for the new changes.. Now, the company has revealed that Update 1.5 will be available for PS4 tomorrow on the 29th. This reveal comes via the Ubisoft […]

The Division

The Division Reveals New Survival Expansion!

by Todd Blackon November 8, 2016
During a livestream by Ubisoft, and documented by Kotaku, The Division is getting a brand new gameplay mode that’ll turn the first-person shooter into a survival game. Adding to the twist is that the optional new mode will be on the same map as the main game, however, a blizzard has swept through the area, […]
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Ubisoft Launches Update 1.4 for The Division! Get All the Patch Notes Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison October 26, 2016
Ubisoft is trying very hard to bring players back to Tom Clancy’s The Division. This is coming in the form of a new update for the game, Update 1.4, which brings some major gameplay changes and overhauls a lot of feature. The update is now live, and you can check out the full patch notes […]

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Public Test Server For The Division Has Gone Live!

by Todd Blackon September 26, 2016
The Public Test Server, which will allow gamers to test updates and DLC before they get released, has gone live for The Division players on PC. The server will be active so long as there is something to test, then it will go dormant until the next update or DLC is ready to be tested. […]
The Division 2

Ubisoft Claims The Division Is the Best-Selling Game of 2016! Get All the Details Here

by Jeffrey Harrison September 22, 2016
Buzz may have died down for Tom Clancy’s The Division, but it seems Ubisoft has a lot to be happy about in terms of the game’s sales. The publisher officially announced today that The Division is the top-selling video game released so far in 2016 (via PlayStation Lifestyle). The statement has been based on retail […]

The Division

The Division’s Public Test Server Gets New Release Date!

by Todd Blackon September 21, 2016
During a live stream, Ubisoft confirmed that the Public Test Server for The Division, which will let players test updates for bugs before the updates themselves are released worldwide, will release this Monday. The Division’s Reddit broke down the entire story: “This Thursday PC players that applied to the ETF can do the technical test […]
The Division

Public Test Server For The Division Delayed!

by Todd Blackon September 12, 2016
The Division has had many problems since its launch. Bugs of all shapes and sizes has plagued it. From save errors, to game crashing glitches, it’s had it all. In response, Ubisoft decided to create a public server that would allow the public to test out new portions of the game and find bugs. Essentially […]