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Modder Adds More Details Textures To Witcher 3

by on December 27, 2015

For some, a games true worth is in the detail it presents. Not just in the gameplay, or the story, but in the visuals. Even in the graphically dominated game world, there are those who think titles can look even better, and seek to prove it. For one modder, Halk Hogan PL, he wished to make CD Projekt Red’s Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, even more stunning visually. A feat that many would say is odd given the almost insane amount of detail already in it. Yet, he has done just that.

Via Nexus Mods, players can download an upgraded texture pack, which will improve many of the textures of the game. This includes both environmental upgrades, and certain house textures as well. You can see these improvements in the video below.

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