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Kingdom Hearts III Post-Launch Content Revealed!

by on January 11, 2019

What’s this about post-launch content for Kingdom Hearts III? What is it?

The release of Kingdom Hearts III is not only highly anticipated, it’s getting to the point of near insanity having to wait to see how the story potentially ends. And Square Enix knew this, so they made sure that not all the content was in the game at launch so that gamers couldn’t leak or spoil it.

But, obviously, the content still needs to come. So…when will it? Well, Square Enix issued a calendar of sorts on Twitter revealing when the rest will come:

  • Tuesday, January 29: Update 1.01 (several data fixes) Memory Archive (videos) “The Memory Archive option will be added to the game’s title menu and can be viewed at any time.
    • *The Memory Archive is a digest of the Kingdom Hearts story in the series up to this point.”
  • Wednesday, January 30: Epilogue (video) “Players will need to have completed Kingdom Hearts III and seen the ending to view this video.”
  • Thursday, January 31: Secret (video) “Players will need to have completed Kingdom Hearts III and seen the ending, as well as fulfilled certain criteria during play to view this video.
    • The criteria vary depending on the difficulty level selected.”
    • The epilogue and secret movie are video content that will enhance player’s enjoyment of the world of Kingdom Hearts.
    • These pieces of downloadable content are additional elements for Kingdom Hearts III
    • The main game allows players to proceed to and view the ending without the need for an internet connection.

So there you have it, if you want to see everything, you need to wait two days to get the downloads for it.

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