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15 Small Details You Might Not Know In Genshin Impact – Attention to Detail Genshin Impact

by skyrimadminon July 6, 2021
#Details #GenshinImpact #Genshin 00:03 – Login screen in Genshin Impact 00:46 – Windmills during the storm 01:13 – Shop Signs in Genshin Impact 02:02 – Music box in Genshin Impact 02:26 – Water boiling in Genshin Impact 02:43 – Treasure Hoarders’ emblem 02:59 – Small Lamp Grass during the night 03:18 – Windwheel Aster during […]

Don’t Make These Genshin Impact Mistakes!

by skyrimadminon June 23, 2021
Genshin Impact is good game, but if you make these mistakes, you might make things harder than they need to be! This is a quick #GenshinImpact guide