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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Updated With More Monsters

by Peter Paltridgeon March 24, 2020
Seeking a fresh challenge in Monster Hunter World? Another update has hit the game on all systems, but how much does it cost? Nothing at all…this is the third free update to Iceborne. And here’s what you’ll find in it…. Two new monsters, Rajang and Variant Raging Brachydios, are now stomping across the landscape awaiting […]
Monster Hunter World

Geralt From The Witcher Is Coming To Monster Hunter World

by Todd Blackon December 11, 2018
Any new crossovers for Monster Hunter World? How about something with The Witcher? Monster Hunter World is one of the best-selling games of 2018, and one of the things that’s made it really cool is the content additions via collaborations with other Capcom franchises. But now, Capcom is going beyond that and bringing in Geralt […]

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Nintendo Switch Getting Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

by Todd Blackon May 11, 2018
What Monster Hunter game is Capcom porting to the Switch? What is┬áMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate? Capcom teased Monster Hunter coming to the Switch earlier in the year, but that was only in Japan. Now, they’ve revealed that┬áMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate is indeed coming to the west. Here’s the announcement and trailer for the game: The […]
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Developer Offers To Port Monster Hunter World To Nintendo Switch For Capcom

by Todd Blackon March 3, 2018
Will Monster Hunter World ever come to Switch? Would Capcom be up for that? One of the few downsides to the Nintendo Switch was that because it was a secret for so long, and many companies didn’t know it was coming, or what to expect for it, certain games weren’t made for the Switch, even […]

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Capcom President Acknowledges Desire For New Monster Hunter Title On Switch

by Todd Blackon February 13, 2018
Are we going to get a Monster Hunter game on Nintendo Switch? One that isn’t a port of a previous title? The Monster Hunter franchise has a very loyal fanbase, and what’s more, this fanbase knows what it wants. They got one of their wishes recently with the arrival (and success) of Monster Hunter: World. […]
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Timing Prevented Monster Hunter: World From Coming To Switch!

by Todd Blackon January 21, 2018
Why didn’t Monster Hunter: World get ported to Switch? Does Capcom have something against the console? Capcom has been very reserved in regards to bringing their games to the Nintendo Switch. Despite the systems massive sales numbers and gaming hits, Capcom has only brought a handful of titles to it. This has made fans very […]

Monster Hunter Stories

New Monster Hunter Stories Trailer And Release Date!

by Todd Blackon July 31, 2017
When is Monster Hunter Stories coming out? Is there a new trailer coming for it? Monster Hunters Stories is a new portable take on the legendary franchise from Capcom. But in a twist, the game allows you to work alongside the monsters of the world instead of just trying to kill them. You’ll play as […]
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Hope for X-Men Characters in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite! Find Out More Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison May 31, 2017
So one of the major questions that’s been revolving around Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is whether or not the game will or will not include characters outside the ones Marvel Studios has or will feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus far, none of the Marvel characters that have been revealed for the game are […]

Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations Introduces a New Style System! Get All the Details Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison April 14, 2016
Capcom officially revealed some new details and gameplay mechanics for the latest installment of the Monster Hunter franchise with Monster Hunter Generations, which is due out this summer. The game will feature new gameplay mechanics called Styles and Hunter Arts to allow for a more personalized playstyle. You can check out a new reveal trailer […]