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Capcom President Acknowledges Desire For New Monster Hunter Title On Switch

by on February 13, 2018

Are we going to get a Monster Hunter game on Nintendo Switch? One that isn’t a port of a previous title?

The Monster Hunter franchise has a very loyal fanbase, and what’s more, this fanbase knows what it wants. They got one of their wishes recently with the arrival (and success) of Monster Hunter: World. However, another thing they want is a new game on the Nintendo Switch, a port of XX (the 3DS title) was ported to the system in Japan, but World wasn’t brought to it (due to development timing).

In an interview, Capcom president┬áHaruhiro Tsujimoto acknowledged that fans want a new game from the franchise on the system, and asks them for patience. He noted that they want to make each game special on the system it’s on. However, he did not that it will be something Capcom looks into going forward.

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