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Winter Star Fest Coming To Monster Hunter World This Month

by Todd Blackon November 16, 2018
Anything new to do in Monster Hunter World? Any new events or the like? If you’re playing Monster Hunter World, and are looking for something to enjoy, then you should check out the Winter Star Event when it arrives on November 30th. Capcom noted the following on their website: “Visit Astera’s Gathering Hub, the Celestial Pursuit, […]
Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World PC Release Date Given

by Todd Blackon July 9, 2018
When is Monster Hunter World coming to PC? Has Capcom given any clues yet? Monster Hunter World is one of the biggest games to have released this year. However, despite its success, many have been patiently waiting to get the game on PC. But Capcom hadn’t given a release date for it, until now. For on […]

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Monster Hunter Illustrations Books Releasing This Year

by Todd Blackon June 2, 2018
Any good Monster Hunter books coming out? Maybe ones with art of the series? Monster Hunter has seen a major boom in popularity this year, thanks in no small part to the arrival of World on PS4 and Xbox One, Capcom is seeking to spread the series even more though, via some illustration books that […]
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Capcom President Acknowledges Desire For New Monster Hunter Title On Switch

by Todd Blackon February 13, 2018
Are we going to get a Monster Hunter game on Nintendo Switch? One that isn’t a port of a previous title? The Monster Hunter franchise has a very loyal fanbase, and what’s more, this fanbase knows what it wants. They got one of their wishes recently with the arrival (and success) of Monster Hunter: World. […]

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New Monster Hunter Stories Trailer And Release Date!

by Todd Blackon July 31, 2017
When is Monster Hunter Stories coming out? Is there a new trailer coming for it? Monster Hunters Stories is a new portable take on the legendary franchise from Capcom. But in a twist, the game allows you to work alongside the monsters of the world instead of just trying to kill them. You’ll play as […]

Monster Hunter Generations Coming July 31st?

by Todd Blackon March 7, 2016
At the recent Nintendo Event, it was revealed that the most recent title in the famous Monster Hunter series would be coming to the West. This one titled Monster Hunter Generations, and like its Japanese counterpart, would be coming out for the 3DS. However, no specific date for the game was given for release outside […]

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Monster Hunter Generations Is Coming to the US! Get All the Details on 3DS Release Set for This Summer!

by Jeffrey Harrison March 3, 2016
Capcom officially announced this week that Monster Hunter Generations is getting a western release this summer. The game will be available for the Nintendo 3DS. The announcement was made during today’s Nintendo Direct Broadcast, and you can check out the reveal trailer in the player below. Monster Hunter Generations is a tribute to the last […]

Monster Hunter X Has Shipped 3 Million Units In Japan

by Todd Blackon December 24, 2015
In a press release, Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter X, the latest title in the best-selling franchise, has shipped 3 million units in Japan alone. This is the latest feat for the game, which crossed 2 million units in a week when it launched last month. For those who aren’t familiar with Monster Hunter and […]