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Happy Dungeons Released for Xbox One! Get All the October Update Details!

by on October 5, 2016

Toylogic Inc. officially announced today that Happy Dungeons has been released for the Game Preview program at the Xbox One Store. Additionally, Toylogic confirmed the details for the game’s October Update, which includes new features, a new Quick Match Mode, new quests, new skills, new minions and other new items for the game, along with a number of improvements and fixes.

Happy Dungeons is a dungeon crawler that’s a spiritual successor to 2012’s Happy Wars, the first-ever free-to-play game for the Xbox 360. Speaking on the Xbox One launch, Toylogic President Yoichi Take stated in an official press release: “We are thankful for the opportunity to have gamers from around the world play, preview and review our game. We place tremendous value on our community’s thoughts and opinions relating to improving the Happy Dungeons gameplay experience. In fact, this week’s update will include more than 50 improvements, balancing and bug fixes taken directly from community feedback.”

Also, here’s a breakdown of the October Update highlights for Happy Dungeons:

  • New Quick Match Mode: Allows players to discover and enjoy multiplayer games more quickly with more streamlined matchmaking protocols and quests suited to the party’s aggregate level.
  • New Legendary Items: An entirely new class of rare and powerful items can now be found with Legendary Items!
  • New Class Skills: Including, “Bleeding Gale Fang” and “Beast Jet” for the Warrior, the Cleric’s “Beast Hex” and “Forbidden Apple” as well as “Beast Repellent” and “Gust Bunny” for the Mage.
  • New Minions: New minions make an appearance, including “Kamilassa”, “Mega Boy”, “Ron Gimmel”, “Sushi Lane”, ” Shiva Dog” and “Poncho Sanza”.
  • New Rare & Epic Equipment: Toylogic has also added a number of new rare and epic class items to the game.
  • New Enchantment Balms: A new variety of consumable item has also been added to the game which provides players with temporary buffs equivalent to the Mage’s enchantment spell.
  • New Consumable Item Type: A powerful new suffix has been added to consumable items, “vs Human Spear”
    Controller Vibration: Players can now set controller vibration on/off in the option menu.

Toylogic plans to continue releasing more updates for Happy Dungeons throughout the year. More details will be revealed later. You can also check out the October Update trailer in the player below.

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