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Wasteland 3 Has Begun Production!

by on June 4, 2017

Developer InXile has announced on their Fig page that their crowdfunded RPG Wasteland 3 has stopped pre-production and has started full-on production. If you recall, over 17,000 people pledged a combined $3.1+ million dollars to ensure that the game got made. The team elaborated on the intent of this:

“So what does this mean for Wasteland 3? It means our paper designs are wrapping up and getting finalized for implementation. Our prototype work is moving towards production of our game scenes, starting with rough blockouts that give us a sense of the area’s spacing and flow, and let us determine the layout before we work on art. In video game projects, moving from pre-production to production is never like flicking a switch – it’s a process and we will still be prototyping and even doing paper designs for the next while, but it is a big step for us as our team is ramping up.”

Furthermore, the team want you to help define what’s in Wasteland 3, and do that by filling out a survey that you can find here. In it you’ll get the chance to say what you feel will make the RPG great, as well as guide certain ideas by the team to help make the game even better.

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