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 Ilysia Coming to Early Access in October

by on October 2, 2023

With gears flying high around the web, the Ilysia VR team is planning for Early Access to the MMORPG in October. The team has expressed plans to release the game in the early part of this month.

Recent Tavern Talks have featured Team 21 Studios representatives discussing some lessons learned from playtesting and the challenges involved in launching an independent MMORPG.

During the conversation, they discussed the difficulty of securing funding for an independent game studio. Rather than turn to crowdfunding again, which would be a limited process, they decided on Early Access.

Here is a part of the discussion thread that is setting the chatter ablaze. It does seem to show some clear indication of the rumors spreading around the web.

“We are targeting Early Access launch for THIS MONTH!

? TONS of Bug Fixes ??

? New Zones  ???

? New Races  ??

? Brand New Starting Areas  ???

? Brand New Tutorials  ??

Our team is THRILLED to be reaching this next milestone and getting our community in and playing Ilysia! Be on the lookout for more information during this spooky month and when you can expect to jump into the world of Ilysia!”

The thread goes on for a bit more, but this should outline the main drift. It’s not too far away, but would be nice to have some confirmation.

However, there’s not much to go on. However, coupled with recent Tavern Talks, there is at least a general idea of what to expect.

The team is encouraging community feedback along the way. In an Early Access game, feedback will determine what features and updates are prioritized. Because of the nature of VR MMORPGs, the way everything looks and feels is just as important as traditional games.

The team promises to focus more on their Freeforge class system, which absorbed a lot of work pre-beta but was sidelined. Early Access will be much bigger than beta, and they’ve promised improvements to the launch as well.


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