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Bungie Encouraging Employees To Do Work From Home

by Todd Blackon March 6, 2020
How has the Corona Virus affected video game companies? Is Bungie doing anything special? Right now, there is a bit of an epidemic going on in the world right now via the Corona Virus. And because of this, many are taking precautions to ensure that others don’t get sick. This includes Bungie, who are encouraging […]
Destiny 2 Bungie

Destiny and Destiny 2 Servers Are Down

by Todd Blackon November 22, 2019
What’s up with Destiny right now? Why can’t we access the servers? Players who are attempting to play either Destiny or its sequel are having a bit of an issue right now, mainly in that any time that they access the servers for either game they’re met with an error message that prevents them from […]

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Destiny 2 Changing Gambit Mode

by Todd Blackon February 22, 2019
What’s changing in Destiny 2 with the new season coming up? Any new changes to the modes? Though Destiny 2 is winding down the content, that doesn’t mean they’re done with the game just yet. The title is getting a new season of content, and with Season of the Grifter comes a big change to […]
Destiny 2 Bungie

Bungie Trying To Win Back Destiny 2 Players After Small DLC Sales

by Todd Blackon November 9, 2018
What’s the latest on Destiny 2? Is Bungie bringing players back? It’s been a long road for Bungie ever since the arrival of Destiny 2. While the launch was successful in terms of units sold, it wasn’t so much in terms of satisfied gamers. This only continued when locked content and bad DLC ruined the […]

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Destiny 2 PC Now Free For New Players Until November 18th!

by Todd Blackon November 6, 2018
What’s the latest on Destiny 2? Any special promotions? Destiny 2 has attracted legions of dedicated fans and has been enjoyed by millions of gamers around the world since launching in 2017. Now, that fanbase is set to grow as new Guardians will be able to enter the world of Destiny 2 for free in November. To celebrate […]
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Destiny 2 Is Free On PC For A While

by Todd Blackon November 2, 2018
Any special deals going on with Destiny 2? What are they? Destiny 2 had a really rough launch when it released last year, and since then, Bungie has been working hard to try and fix things for the title. But now, they’re extending a courtesy to those who don’t have it yet, but do have […]

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Bungie Altering Gambit Mode in Destiny 2

by Todd Blackon October 6, 2018
Will Destiny 2 adjust Gambit Mode? What’s Bungie have to say about this? Bungie has been working hard to fix many of Destiny 2’s problems, and one that gamers have brought up a few times is Gambit Mode. But, in their weekly blog post, they’ve outlined some of the things that you can expect to […]

Activision Comments On Possibility Of Cross-Play For Overwatch and Other Titles

by Todd Blackon September 28, 2018
Could Overwatch get Cross-Play? What about Destiny 2? The topic of Cross-Play has been on the minds of both gamers and developer alike in recent weeks because of Sony and their rigidity on the subject. But others have been asking other developers about Cross-Play, like Activision. For they have the power to bring Cross-Play to […]

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Destiny 2 Gets new Update To Wrap Up The Month

by Todd Blackon February 27, 2018
Has anything new happened in Destiny 2? Got a link to the Patch Notes? Since its launch, Destiny has been mired with backlash from the player base, and much of it for good reason. The game was filled with changes that they didn’t appreciate, and so, Bungie has been working hard to remedy the situation. […]
Paris Games Week

Several Trailers Shown At Paris Games Week!

by Todd Blackon October 30, 2017
What RPG games were shown off at Paris Games Week? Were there any RPGs in there? Sony had a major presence at Paris Games Week, and took the opportunity to show off some RPG trailers. For example: Final Fantasy XV: Ignis DLC (now revealed to be released December 13th): Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds […]