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The Surge

The Surge Gets New Weapon Pack!

by Todd Blackon October 13, 2017
Are there any new weapons I can get for The Surge? Something to get me back into the game? For those who have been enjoying the hack-n-slash RPG The Surge, you’re in luck, for the developers have officially released a free weapons pack that’ll give you nearly a dozen new things to play with…and destroy […]
The Surge

The Surge Receives Demo On Steam

by Todd Blackon July 24, 2017
I’ve heard interesting things about The Surge, but should I get it? Is there a way to tell if it’s something I should want? A true challenge for video gamers is trying to determine on looks, trailers, and word-of-mouth alone whether a game should be bought or not. This is especially for those who don’t […]

The Surge Accolades Trailer

The Surge Gets HDR Support! Find Out More Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison June 7, 2017
Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13 officially announced that the new action-RPG The Surge, now has its HDR support. The new feature is now available for the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. The HDR support for the game offers players a more natural lighting presentation, a wider color range, enhanced details at […]
The Surge Accolades Trailer

Check Out the New Accolades Trailer for The Surge!

by Jeffrey Harrison May 22, 2017
The new action RPG, The Surge, is finally out after a multi-platform release. In acknowledgement of that release, Focus Home Interactive has put out a new “Accolades” trailer for the game, which you can check out for the new Deck13 game in the player below. It seems the game has gotten decent reviews overall, and players are […]

The Surge

The Surge Gets Launch Trailer!

by Todd Blackon May 14, 2017
The action hack-n-slash RPG The Surge is set for release on Tuesday, and to show off what the game is about, a new launch trailer has been released for it by developer Focus Home Interactive. The Surge takes place inside a mega-corporation known as CREO, You play as Warren, who is on the first day […]
The Surge

Check Out the New Combat Gameplay Trailer for The Surge!

by Jeffrey Harrison April 21, 2017
Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13 dropped a new trailer today for the upcoming action RPG the surge. You can check out the new footage for the upcoming game in the player below. The Surge finally arrives for a multi-platform release next month. The new gameplay trailer showcases the game’s combat system. For The Surge, players […]

The Surge

The Surge Goes Gold! Get All the Details on 60FPS Support!

by Jeffrey Harrison April 14, 2017
Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13 confirmed today that the upcoming action-RPG, The Surge, has finally gone gold. The game is finally due out to hit the shelves next month. With the game going gold, The Surge is now finished and it will go out to get pressed and set to get shipped to retailers. […]
The Surge

Check Out a New Weapon Showcase Trailer for The Surge!

by Jeffrey Harrison April 6, 2017
Focus Home Interactive released a new gameplay trailer today for The Surge. The upcoming action-RPG finally arrives next month. You can check out the new trailer and gameplay footage below. The new trailer, “Target, Loot and Equip,” showcases the game’s loot system in all its bloody glory. Specifically in the game, players have to target specific […]

The Surge

The Surge Releases Cinematic Trailer!

by Todd Blackon March 19, 2017
The Surge is an RPG title set within a factory that has had a mysterious event within it. You play as a man named Warren that works at the CREO facility, and after the “event” wakes up to find an exoskeleton attached to him, robots running amok, and basically everyone in the facility trying to […]
The Surge

Check Out an Extended Gameplay Video for The Surge!

by Jeffrey Harrison February 17, 2017
Focus Home Entertainment released an extended gameplay video this week for the upcoming sci-fi action RPG The Surge. You can check out the new gameplay video in the player below. What’s special about this video is that it also has developer commentary with Dec13 Game Designer Adam Hetenyi. The video takes players through a look at […]