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the crew 2

Demolition Derby DLC Comes To The Crew 2

by Peter Paltridgeon December 5, 2018
What’s new in The Crew 2? Ubisoft’s team has introduced a new, hyper-destructive mode to all versions of the game….Demolition Derby! How messy is it? In the new mode, all competitors are aiming for the highest score by crashing and smashing through as much as they can….including the other cars. You’ve got two new arenas […]

Prey DLC May Take Players To The Moon

by Todd Blackon May 19, 2018
What’s Prey been teasing online? Are we going to the moon or not? Prey may not have been the biggest hit for Bethesda, but they did bring in some solid fanbase, and now, more teases are circulating the next DLC for the game is going to take players to the moon. This includes a string […]

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC Has Launched

by Todd Blackon March 22, 2018
When’s the next South Park: The Fractured But Whole Content coming out? What will it bring? If you’ve been looking for a reason to dive back into South Park: The Fractured But Whole, your opportunity has arrived. For its newest story expansion DLC, From Dusk To Casa Bonita, has arrived. In it, you’ll go to more […]
Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild DLC Part 2 Confirmed For This Year

by Todd Blackon October 27, 2017
When is the second part of the Breath of the Wild DLC pack coming out? When can we expect the Champions Ballad? Nintendo did something very different for their recent Legend of Zelda game Breath of the Wild, they made dedicated DLC for it. What’s more, they did it in two waves. The first was […]

The Surge

The Surge Gets New Weapon Pack!

by Todd Blackon October 13, 2017
Are there any new weapons I can get for The Surge? Something to get me back into the game? For those who have been enjoying the hack-n-slash RPG The Surge, you’re in luck, for the developers have officially released a free weapons pack that’ll give you nearly a dozen new things to play with…and destroy […]
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Assassin’s Creed DLC Available Now!

by Todd Blackon September 1, 2017
Where can I get the Final Fantasy XV DLC that features Assassin’s Creed? What was in it again? A very unique crossover has come from the minds of both Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed. As content from the later is now available as DLC for the former. This free DLC will put Noctis and crew […]

Ignis Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Ignis DLC To Launch This December

by Todd Blackon June 27, 2017
Oh no! What happens to Ignis in the Final Fantasy XV Ignis DLC teaser trailer?!? What baddie does he run into? Well, if you are, then you’re in luck, for Square Enix today launched a teaser trailer for the special Final Fantasy XV DLC. And while it doesn’t reveal everything you might want to know […]
Mass Effect Andromeda

No Season Pass For Mass Effect Andromeda!

by Todd Blackon January 8, 2017
In light of recent modern technology, a big part of a AAA titles release, and even indie titles, is the concept of Downloadable Content, or DLC. For some developers, they stretch out this DLC to make it more playable, as well as be more affordable to fans, as it usually costs to get this. One […]