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No Season Pass For Mass Effect Andromeda!

by on January 8, 2017

In light of recent modern technology, a big part of a AAA titles release, and even indie titles, is the concept of Downloadable Content, or DLC. For some developers, they stretch out this DLC to make it more playable, as well as be more affordable to fans, as it usually costs to get this. One of the easiest ways this happens is with a “Season Pass”, where all the DLC is bundled together for one price. However, it appears that Mass Effect Andromeda won’t have that at all.

On Twitter, a fan asked Bioware General Manager Aaron Flynn whether Andromeda would have DLC. He answered very simply:


This will on doubt please many fans, as many don’t like DLC, especially for games that probably should have a great deal of content right off the bat. For a game like Andromeda, the idea of DLC is very likely, but might not be as in-depth as other DLCs. We’ll just have to wait and see once it comes out.

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