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Check Out a New Weapon Showcase Trailer for The Surge!

by on April 6, 2017

Focus Home Interactive released a new gameplay trailer today for The Surge. The upcoming action-RPG finally arrives next month. You can check out the new trailer and gameplay footage below.

The new trailer, “Target, Loot and Equip,” showcases the game’s loot system in all its bloody glory. Specifically in the game, players have to target specific body parts for robot enemies before damaging them using vertical and horizontal attack combinations. Players can then take control of the items they loot from enemies to get new weapons. The removed part of an enemy then determines which piece of equipment is looted. The system focuses on the schematic that corresponds to the enemy armor part that was sliced off. There’s also the salvaged materials to craft the corresponding piece, or players can try to grab the weapon that was once wielded by the enemy robot.

Approaching an enemy in The Surge makes players face a tough decision. They have to figure out if they target an unarmored body part of the enemy for a shorter fight, or if they will try to risk a longer fight that causes more damage to slice off a piece of new equipment. The game is all about balancing the risk and reward of such encounters. Deck 13 built the game so players have to work hard for a new piece of weaponry or equipment.

The Surge hits the shelves on May 16. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. It’s also available for pre-order now.

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