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Battleborn Is Adding Microtransactions! Find Out What’s Coming to the Game!

by Jeffrey Harrison June 15, 2016
In a blog post on the official website, 2K Games and Gearbox Software confirmed that Battleborn’s marketplace is changing and expanding. Specifically, they are adding microtransactions to the game in the form of Platinum Packs to purchase new cosmetic content for the game’s heroes. The Marketplace update for Battleborn includes the premium currency, Platinum, which […]

Battleborn’s Lead Writer Departs From Gearbox Software! Get the Story Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison June 3, 2016
The Battleborn franchise is losing its lead writer this week. Battleborn’s lead writer Aaron Linde revealed on his Twitter account today that he’s leaving Gearbox Software. You can check out his tweet on the subject below. June 3 marks Linde’s last day at the company. It appears that Linde is leaving on good terms. He […]

Battleborn Update Changes Surrender Times! Get the Details Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison May 27, 2016
Gearbox Software has revealed the patch notes for a new update released for Battleborn this week. This week’s update features a number of hot fixes, which you can check out below. The changes should’ve started rolling out Thursday, May 26. One of the biggest changes is that players will have to wait longer to surrender […]

New Battleborn Character Revealed!

by Todd Blackon May 26, 2016
The second of Battleborn’s post launch characters is here. And it’s in the form of a snake creature called Pendles. According to the official Battleborn Blog: “Hailing from the water world of Akopos, and pals with Alani, Pendles is a cold-blooded killer. No, literally. This anthropomorphized reptile will ssssneak up on you, poison you, perforate […]


Battleborn Gets Dramatic Price Drop! Find Out the Details Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison May 23, 2016
Less than a month after the game’s release, Battleborn has already received a discounted rate. If gamers were possibly waiting on buying the game, now might be a good time to figure out whether they want to pick it up or not. Per Kotaku, the game is available brand new for a reduced price of […]

Battleborn Sales Matching Gearbox’s Expectations!

by Todd Blackon May 12, 2016
Gearbox Software recently released their newest IP, Battleborn, and with good reviews and positive word-of-mouth, it appears as though the game is selling well. During a Twitch live stream, creative director Randy Varnell talked about the game, as well as it’s future and how it might mimic Gearbox’s mega popular franchise Borderlands. “Ultimately, Borderlands [was […]

Battleborn Gets Dedicated Mobile Game! Find Out All About Battleborn Tap!

by Jeffrey Harrison May 3, 2016
2K Games and Gearbox Software have just announced a new mobile game based on the Battleborn franchise with Battleborn Tap. The mobile game officially launched today and is set in the Battleborn universe. You can check out the launch trailer in the player below. In Battleborn Tap, players command a squad of Battleborn heroes on […]

Check Out the Launch Trailer for Battleborn Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison April 29, 2016
Gearbox Software has just dropped the launch trailer for Battleborn, the latest game from the creators of Borderlands. The game finally hits the shelves early next week, and the new trailer offers a look at the game’s unique, ragtag band of heroes. You can check out the video, which features new gameplay footage in the […]

Battleborn Motion Comic Series Completed! Check Them Out Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison April 25, 2016
Gearbox Software has now released all three parts of the Battleborn motion comic series. You can watch all three chapters of the prequel story to the game in the players below. The story for these motion comics sets the stage for the upcoming game and its main story campaign. It follows how Penarch was ultimately […]

PAX East: Battleborn Characters To Cameo In Rock Band 4

by Todd Blackon April 23, 2016
In clearly the weirdest announcement from PAX East so far, the unusual grouping of Battleborn and Rock Band 4 appears to be happening. During a developer presentation, Gearbox promised that the cast of Battleborn will be coming to the popular rhythm game. As characters like Miko and Thorn have been confirmed to be making cameos. […]