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black desert mobile

Black Desert Mobile Patched With New PvP Mode

by Peter Paltridgeon January 7, 2020
What did Pearl Abyss put in the latest Black Desert Mobile patch? It’s a new PvP mode, created specifically for guilds. Introducing Guild War, where adventurers can battle each other by directly challenging their guild. The first step is for a guild master or officer to enter the enemy guild’s name into the guild window. […]
Shadow of Mordor

Shadow Of Mordor Receives Mysterious Update

by Todd Blackon June 20, 2017
Games getting updates are a common thing in the video game world. However, when they are given without details of what is actually being updated? That’s rare. Yet, that’s exactly what happened to Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, for its gotten an update of a great size, yet no one knows what it does. Update 1.10 […]