Bug Fables Patched With Additional Content

Do you enjoy the Paper Mario series? Then why haven’t you tried Bug Fables? (If you have, disregard that question.) It’s got everything you love from Paper Mario and then some: witty dialogue, a charmingly flat art style, lots of items to collect and use in battle, and an engaging battle system.

This week Bug Fables was updated to version 1.1, but this is more than just a typical patch. Those who own Bug Fables on all systems will receive free content. Players will now find three new quests to complete in the game, as well as new bosses, improved sprinting, faster cooking, the ability to purchase recipes…and what they call “other mysterious additions” that I guess you’ll just have to discover yourself.

Not only is 1.1 officially out today, but if you don’t own Bug Fables, you can get it for 30% off the regular price…well, just the PS4 version, so you’ll need one of those. The sale lasts from now until November 20.

As for the kind of thing a patch is supposed to do, below is a list of all the squashed bugs in Bug Fables. The game is available now for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC.

Update 1.1 Patch Notes:

+(PC ONLY) Added custom controller binding (In Settings, set ‘Use Controller’ to ‘CUSTOM BINDINGS’ then select the ‘Controller Bindings’ option).
+(PC ONLY) Added ‘Pause When Unfocused’ setting.
+(XBOX/PS4) Fixed achievements not triggering when doing boss rematches.
+Added a Hard Mode reward for the Final Boss (will be granted to Artys/Caravan when loading the file after the patch if you already beat it).
+Added some small bits of dialogue in the Final Boss fight to make it more obvious what to do.
+Added being able to speed up cooking animations by pressing the [Jump/Confirm] or [Use Field Skill] button.
+Added some indicators in the beehive for the balcony and factory entrances.
+Added Fortune Teller hints for some medals that were missing it.
+Added arrows on the corner of the screen during Wack-a-Worm minigame to say when there are worms offscreen.
+Added the ability to open the map from the main Pause Menu by pressing [HELP] (an icon will appear when it is possible).
+Added save prompts after some chapters.
+Added 3 new post game sidequests.
+Added more hints to the maze in Chapter 6.
+Added enemy defense counter if the enemy has been spied in their HP bar.
+Added Eternal Venom, Heal Plus, Quick Flea, Relay Transfer, Status Boost, Status Mirror, Spy Specs, Secure Pouch, Front Support and Back Support icons in battle.
+Added ability to rearrange Items/Key Items in the pause menu by holding [Show/Hide HUD] and pressing UP or DOWN.
+Added ability to select multiple items to store/take out with Amber or sell by pressing the [Show/Hide HUD] button in the item selection.
+Added a new NPC in Metal Island to help with recipes.
+Added “Swap Positions” option in Strategies, allowing two party members to swap in battle without changing the entire party (doesn’t work if someone has exausted all their turns for that round).
+Added clouds to Bugaria Outskirts and surrounding areas.
+Changed “Switch Party” Strategy setting to “Rotate Party”.
+Changed Kabbu’s Dash to continue forward until the [Jump/Confirm] or [Use Field Skill] button is pressed again or he hits a wall, and also to be able to cut grass (in Chapter 5 and forwards).
+Changed Kabbu’s Dash to be obtained at the start of Chapter 3 instead of Chapter 5 (but the ability to break rocks is only obtained in Chapter 5) (Will be granted automatically if you have lowered the bridge to Lost Sands and completed Chapter 2 in the file).
+Changed the showcased Caravan medal to be random if there are more than one.
+Changed Midge’s Spy Card to be a basic 1 attack card.
+Changed Wild Chomper’s Spy Card to cost 3 TP.
+Changed Hustle Berry’s cost to be cheaper.
+Changed Post Game’s boss’ so that you don’t lose items if you lose the battle.
+Changed Needle Pincer to be compatible with the A.D.B.P. Enhancer.
+Changed the Save Crystal before the Golden Hills’ secret boss to be yellow.
+Changed Frostbite to fully reflect received damage to an enemy attacking directly while not receiving any damage back (if attacked by a non physical attack the damage is reduced by half).
+Changed the ‘Do Nothing’ medals’ icons to not show in the option if you already did nothing that turn.
+Tweaked text effects to be more noticeable.
+Tweaked a segment in the Chapter 3 dungeon to make it easier to see where to go.
+Tweaked the beemerang to remain in place if it hits a wall while the hold button is held.
+Tweaked Abombhoney to no longer deal damage when using shield, but it will destroy the shield after blocking the damage.
+Tweaked a note in a room in Chapter 3 to be more obvious.
+Tweaked a puzzle in Chapter 4 to be more clear what to do.
+Tweaked the left and right arrows in the Library menu to bounce slightly.
+Tweaked enemy’s Numb resistance buildup to increase faster.
+Tweaked issues with vSync not working properly on high hz monitors.
+Tweaked the first Chapter 2 miniboss to not fall when hit while on the Vine.
+Tweaked jump to make platforming a bit easier.
+Tweaked Wack-a-Worm’s worms to not burrow if the Beemerang is out.
+Tweaked Hustle items HP/TP heal ammounts.
+Tweaked Hustle items to stack when used in the same round.
+Tweaked the Outskirts’ Bounty Boss’ attack patterns and fixed being unable to target it with ground attacks in the first phase, and added one more attack to it.
+Tweaked the Metal Island’s secret boss to be stronger and more varied.
+Tweaked a Chapter 6’s boss’ attack to cause ‘Attack Down’ in Hard Mode if you don’t block.
+Tweaked the optional boss in Forsaken Lands to cause ‘Attack Down’ in some attacks in Hard Mode.
+Tweaked the optional boss in the Far Grasslands to be stronger and with a new effect.
+Tweaked the Final Boss’ healing a bit.
+Tweaked how the Reflection medal works to be able to stack better with itself and with normal defense boosts.
+Tweaked slightly the moveset of some enemies in an optional dungeon.
+Tweaked radius of bomb items to be slightly larger.
+Tweaked Leafbug charge to be faster.
+Tweaked the charm that increases EXP to not trigger if the battle rewards low EXP.
+Tweaked Reverse Toxin to heal more per turn.
+Tweaked Life Stealer to only heal on the first hit of any move.
+Tweaked Detector in some areas in Chapter 6 triggering before it was supposed to.
+Tweaked Sturdy/Shell Ointment to increase defense by 3.
+Tweaked Pep Talk to not use charges.
+Tweaked Fly Drop to deal less damage.
+Tweaked Frost Relay to hit more times.
+Tweaked the TP cost of most of Leif’s buff/debuff skills.
+Tweaked Ice Rain’s cost to 11 TP.
+Tweaked Royal Decree’s and Dash Through’s TP cost from 6 to 5.
+Tweaked First Plating to not deplete if you have Shield that turn.
+Tweaked Vi’s Needle skills (Electric Needles only cause numb for 1 turn now, Needle Toss’ damage was reduced slightly and Needle Pincer’s damage was increased slightly).
+Tweaked Frozen Drill to deal 1 more damage per hit and hit one more time, but costs 1 more TP.
+Tweaked a battle companion to be more useful in one of the secret modes and also have more options overral in battle.
+Tweaked a puzzle in chapter 7.
+Tweaked bank interest.
+Tweaked some colliders.
+Increased damage that the tiny boulders in Boulder Toss do.
+Increased berry payout for Wack-a-Worm post Chapter 2.
+Fixed ice cubes sometimes stopping mid-trajectory.
+Fixed being able to get stuck inside a gate in the Chapter 6’s dungeon.
+Fixed a miniboss in Chapter 4 being able to cause status effects through shield/study.
+Fixed a miniboss in Chapter 2 turning invisible sometimes.
+Fixed weird enemy behavior if a Bloatshroom’s spore attack caused them to die.
+Fixed lock if you select “Change Loadout and Retry” in the Defiant Root’s secret boss while in a secret mode.
+Fixed a lock in Gen and Eri’s sidequest.
+Fixed a lock if you tattled the caravan cricket in Spanish.
+Fixed potential lock in Mite Knight when generating floors.
+Fixed potential locks when using Miracle Matter in specific situations.
+Fixed Random Start’s poison not being infinite with Eternal Venom.
+Fixed status icons floating on nothing if an Abomihoney explodes.
+Fixed Back Support and Front Support not working properly in battles with less than 3 party memebers.
+Fixed Heavy Throw’s offset against flying enemies.
+Fixed some enemies’ freeze times sometimes being faster than normal with Extra Freeze equipped.
+Fixed hologram Diving Spiders becoming invisible when they used the shield.
+Fixed the map cursor and the telescope moving only diagonally when using the analog sometimes.
+Fixed weird behavior if you trigger a switch in some rooms and enter another room before the switch’s effect has taken place.
+Fixed the max TP ammount sometimes showing up incorrectly in the HUD until it is updated.
+Fixed shield turning off if you grab berries in the overworld.
+Fixed Frostbite triggering when the wrong person was hit.
+Fixed Reverse Toxin increasing defense instead of decreasing.
+Fixed healing counter with HP charm showing in the wrong position.
+Fixed weird wasp behavior at high scores in Flower Journey minigame.
+Fixed the microwave floating slightly upwards every time you used it.
+Fixed issue where Random Start and an event condition would break on retries.
+Fixed issues in some battles with multiple enemies and AI partners under specific circunstances.
+Fixed items causing status effects if you have the Sturdy effect.
+Fixed keybind screen breaking in Spanish.
+Fixed issues when trying to rebind the confirm key sometimes.
+Fixed some minor inconsistencies with NPCs in the area before the credits.
+Trying a fix for memory issues.
+Some improvements to performance in some areas.
+Many minor tweaks.
+Typo fixes.