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Gamers Getting Special Skins For Getting Fortnite On Galaxy Note9

by Todd Blackon August 24, 2018
What do I get in Fortnite if I get a Galaxy Note 9? Anything good? At Unpacked 2018, Samsung Canada and Epic Games’ CEO, Tim Sweeney, announced that anyone who purchases the Galaxy Note9 (available as of tomorrow) or Galaxy Tab S4 will be able to play Fortnite unlike ever before thanks to the exclusive […]
Fortnite Ninja

Fortnite Streamer Ninja Has A Very Simple Reason For Not Streaming With Female Gamers

by Todd Blackon August 11, 2018
Ever notice that Ninja never streams Fortnite with female players? What’s up with that? When it comes to Fortnite, you can’t talk for too long about it without bringing up the legendary player/streamer for the title, Ninja. Ninja has been a very big help in making the game as popular as it is, and as […]

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E3 2018: What You Need To Know Before Playing Fortnite On Switch

by Peter Paltridgeon June 14, 2018
What’s the major issue people are discovering about Fortnite on Switch? What’s the caveat in the title about? Well, there’s nothing wrong with the game itself. It plays just like it does on other machines, both on the TV and in handheld mode. For once, a problem with a popular game on a Nintendo device […]
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Special Fortnite Competition Being Held By GamerzArena

by Todd Blackon January 19, 2018
Is there a free gaming tournament I can enter? What is GamerzArena? Most esports tournaments are run by those who require many things to simply enter the tournament, never mind winning anything. But, website GamerzArena is aiming to change that by having tournaments that exist to build up a community, have fun, and reward those that does […]

Fortnite GamerzArena

ICYMI: Here’s the Last From PUBG And Fortnite From The Game Awards!

by Todd Blackon December 11, 2017
What was shown off at The Game Awards in regards to Fortnite and PUBG? Anything good? It’s been a few days since The Game Awards aired, and many people are still talking about the announcements that were revealed there. If you’re into Battle Royale games, then they definitely had your number. For Fortnite, Epic Games […]