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Special Fortnite Competition Being Held By GamerzArena

by on January 19, 2018

Is there a free gaming tournament I can enter? What is GamerzArena?

Most esports tournaments are run by those who require many things to simply enter the tournament, never mind winning anything. But, website GamerzArena is aiming to change that by having tournaments that exist to build up a community, have fun, and reward those that does well. Starting on January 28th, a special Fortnite tournament is going to take place. And all you need to sign up for it is a Twitch account that you can stream live footage on.

In this “Solo Play Most Kills” content, you’ll use your Twitch account to create a GamerzArena account. Then, you’ll livestream yourself playing a round of Fortnite. Your score is based on the number of kills you get in that round. However, that doesn’t need to remain your score, you can play as many solo rounds as you want until the tournament ends on the 4th of February. The highest score you livestream by then is your score. Do your best, and you can earn $1000.

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