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Civilization VI

Civilization VI Getting New Expansion, “Gathering Storm”

by Todd Blackon November 20, 2018
Any new expansions planned for Civilization VI? What will they feature? When Civilization VI launched on consoles and PC (and is now out on iOS and Nintendo Switch), it was clear that the franchise still had a lot to offer. And now, they can offer even more with the upcoming expansion “Gathering Storm”. This new […]

Teddy Roosevelt Leads America In Civ VI

by Todd Blackon July 30, 2016
In a post on the Civilization website, it was revealed that Teddy Roosevelt would once again return to lead the United States in Civilization VI. Along with him come the unique units that will only be available for the US. Here are the breakdowns: “Unique unit: Rough Rider The 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, better […]

Firaxis Streamlining Building Process In Civilization VI

by Todd Blackon May 27, 2016
The process of building cities and other objects in Civilization is a key part of the game. Also though, it’s a test of patience, as building things takes time. Or at least it did. In Civilization VI, using workers and builders to construct something is now instantaneous, rather than gradual. “It’s streamlined the game for […]

Fog Of War Getting Redone For Civilization VI

by Todd Blackon May 21, 2016
Much like in a real world scenario, in Civilization you can’t see far beyond where you are at first. As you’ve never explored what’s beyond your immediate area. This is called the “Fog Of War”, and is prevalent in many video game titles. Especially strategy RPG’s. In Civilization VI though, the Fog Of War is […]

Civilization VI To Have New User Interface

by Todd Blackon May 21, 2016
For Civilization as a series, the ability for the gamer to discern elements of the game without hassle is vital. As there is much going on in each turn. Firaxis has often gone with a simple and elegant User Interface for players to use. With Civilization VI, that will be no different, however, the UI […]