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Black Desert Online Brings Back Prince Bareeds III

by on November 21, 2023

It’s holiday time in  Black Desert Online and the party and fun will kick off soon to meet a full turkey’s blessing. There is much to see in the updates upcoming promos and challenges in the game.

The latest update brings a new zone to southern Ulukita. Adding Darkseeker’s Retreat returns us back to a common name and a family feud. Prince Bareeds III of Mediah is at the center of the new lore in the new zone.

In addition, there is novelty and war in the making. Coming back for the first time since 2015, the prince reignites his feud with the Premier. There is a lot more to their conflict, their greed, distrust, and hatred – all await in the new zone. Darkseeker’s Retreat roams all of the existing zones, including the City of the Dead and Tungrad Ruins, and continues the storyline of these releases.

Once you enter the new zone, you’ll be guided to investigate the feud, and you will be plunged into fights. The studio has created a slick voice-acted questline with diagrams and cutscenes that resemble those in the Land of the Morning Light expansion.

Furthermore, you can participate in making shoes for Ator. However, you must find the materials. Being the final item, it must be of the highest grade. Upon completion of the task, it’s time to choose between two bonuses from the shoes, either damage reduction or evasion.

Another important feature of the update is the expansion of Arena of Solare. There will now be a permanent practice mode for the PVP arena plus a 3v3 match type for ranked and practice matches.

A special invite-only custom mode is a new addition that lets you can create your own teams. You can even turn off matchmaking and keep things strictly invite only. The practice mode will arrive on November 29th and the custom mode on December 6th.

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