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Ship of Heroes Explains Players Super Powers

by on November 22, 2023

Ship of Heroes has enlightened the gaming community with a detailed update on its unique game style that grants players superhuman powers. The game has released a new article and video regarding how players can boost their superpowers by using a variety of augments, such as magical enhancements and technological upgrades.

A Steam Early Access release was originally planned for the end of 2023 for Ship of Heroes. It has been making rapid progress as its development progresses.

The team has continued to work on their feature set following their Steam Next Fest demo. It has now published a detailed blog post explaining how future heroes will augment their abilities.

Using a dedicated button in the general powers menu, players can drag and drop augments onto their powers as desired. Each power has slots for augments, and as characters progress, they gain more slots. The augments system appears to go beyond what City of Heroes has done, providing far greater possibilities for augmenting your abilities.

According to Heroic Games, players in Ship of Heroes are able to stack multiple augments of the same type on power without any penalty.

Despite the ability to get augments from defeating enemies, the team seems to want to make this system as accessible as possible by allowing players to purchase most augments.

With augments stacking additively with buff powers and infusions, The Ship of Heroes team anticipates that powers will gain one slot every ten levels, and a maximum of seven slots per power.

In the near future, the team plans to introduce special augment sets designed for individual powers. These sets will provide additional benefits when used together.

As the system continues to evolve, the team is hoping the community will provide suggestions on how to improve it. There has been no word on when players can expect these new augment sets to hit the game. However, we expect them to come soon.


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