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World of Tanks Sudden Ad Push

by on July 2, 2023

It is suddenly all over the web. On every website that runs Google Adsense, and on every reputable ad network. From the most polished news media to the most religious website, we have all seen the World of Tanks ad.  The game has been around since 2010, so why all of a sudden, this unparalleled ad push?

First, let us review who World of Tank is and why this information may be of interest. It is one of the first MMOs ever created and the first sole battle tank focussed game. WoT was released in 2010 by Wargaming. The game has been introduced under different titles based on the player model.

  1.  The PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One model, called World of Tanks: Modern Armor
  2. World of Tanks Blitz, for mobile users
  3. World of Tanks Rush, a tabletop board game
  4. World of Tanks: Generals, a collectible card game

World of Tanks was followed by World of Warplanes and World of Warships.

In October 2022, Riot Games bought the support studio of WoT, Wargaming Sydney. This was a setback for the company which quickly needed to adjust patches and provide error support. In April of that same year, both the Russian and Belarus versions were sold out to another company, Lesta Studio.

After pulling out of Russia and Belarus, WoT lost millions of players. The game which had over 75 million users lost a huge database in the sell-off to Lesta Studios. The company moved down from a daily 450,000 players to less than 100,000 players.

This led the company to a massive publicity blitz with ads in every language. After over six months of advertising, the company is showing an increase of 43,000 daily users. The current total is 143,000 daily, up from 100,000.


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