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Wizard’s Wrath Opens Kickstarter Project

by on November 16, 2023

Developing studio  DragonfiAR has opened a Kickstarter to fund its MMORPG Wizard’s Wrath. The company is seeking $60,000 and has begun work on the upcoming game that it projects on multiple fantasy worlds.

In the presentation of its project, the studio defined its MMO as having unlimited play options ranging from single-player to PvE. Picture it as a multiplayer role-playing game that combines popular types of video games, including first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, survival crafting games, and PvP duels featuring intelligent monster AI.

“Wizard’s Wrath is set in a world torn apart by magic. Many years ago, magical portals started appearing and connecting our worlds with others. The surface world was lost to hordes of strange creatures. Our most powerful mages lifted our cities to safety, floating in the skies far above, and we have taken refuge there ever since. But now the magic is fading and we are returning to the chaos below. You alone may hold the key but can you rise to the challenge and which path will you take?”

Wizard’s Wrath Factions and Gameplay

Notably, in this magical post-apocalyptic world, players can choose between four factions representing four schools of magic. As they make various items to survive, they will try to build their own wizard tower.

According to DragonfiAR, the four main pillars of Wizard’s Wrath are currently functioning as separate VR minigames. They will be combined into a single MMORPG in the future. The game will roll out for virtual reality headsets at first. However, it will eventually land on PCs, consoles, and mobile devices.

In order to help fund the game’s development, DragonfiAR has launched a Kickstarter campaign with pledge tiers granting access to minigames, MMORPGs, or both, depending on your pledge level. You can visit Kickstarter if you wish to help the studio reach its goal.

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