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Netmarble Releases New Trailer

by on November 17, 2023

RF Online Next has made its debut at G-Star today. Following in the footsteps of the original RF Online, Netmarble is going big with its new release. Expect large-scale sci-fi realm versus realm combat that builds on the legacy of the original RF Online.

The game will allow players to immerse in a world filled with fantasy giants and torn apart by different strife and unending attacks from different factions.

There are new details in the trailer, and the combat is the highlight. The trailer starts with the setting, premise, and origin of the conflict between everyone, and then it transitions to giant robots, biosuits, bosses, and action.

Although the trailer is in Korean, the auto-captioning makes it easy to follow along. However, giant robots have a way of speaking for themselves.¬†¬†Teaming up with others will be the key to defeating the giant world bosses. Use everything that’s at your disposal, including free flight in your biosuit and summoning the right robots, as well as plain old strategy.

This game does emphasize realm versus realm, and that is also noted in the trailer. As with many realm versus realm games, especially those from Korean developers, expect fierce competition for resources, glory, and much more.

There’s something satisfying about climbing into a giant Mech in a game and going head-to-head with a giant enemy. RF Online Next looks to be a worthy successor to the franchise. Players from the West can expect to have an English version in the long term.

Like most Korean games, Netmarble is set in its native language but carries in-built translators and subtitles. It is easier to follow once the action gets started. The lore is also available in multiple languages which should help in getting accustomed to the storyline.

Once you see the trailer you will be tempted to play.


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