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Avalon Rolls Out First Teaser

by on November 15, 2023

Earlier this year, about February 2023, the game development studio Avalon announced a $13 million investment into a major MMORPG project. Today the studio has granted a sneak preview of exactly what they have been doing.

The 90-second video is more than a sneak preview of the game. It is rather a sales pitch inviting gamers to join the wind of change.  leaving behind the traditional lore-based characters for new player-driven ones.

The concept drags in the metauniverse concept with a story being told by many writers only that now it is the players. Gamers will craft their characters and will earn as many points for crafting as in questing. The studio has given players a bigger role in the creation process by providing tools and setting a limit equaling their imaginations.

Notably, the team of Avalon is not made up of novices. It is led by founder Jeffrey Butler, known for EverQuest, alongside Sean Pinnock and Zack Karlsson. The project is well funded by investors like BITKRAFT, Avocado DAO, and Merit Circle. This confirms that it is capable of achieving its promises and goals.

Another important component powering Avolon is its infrastructure and experience. It is being built on the experiences of team members priorly involved in games like Call of Duty, and Diablo, and is powered by Unreal Engine.

In addition, the game is using lore and character design from  start-ups like Didimo and Inworld AI, 

“We want to give Avalon players control over the way they play, where creating is just as rewarding as questing – something that I began planning for even as I worked on EverQuest,” commented Butler, chief product officer at Avalon.

“With the technology and tools we’re developing alongside our partners, we want to foster a community for our namesake game that is able to create their own content and benefit from it, and immerse themselves in content that others have made and shared.

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