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Pax Dei Heads to Alpha Test

by on November 14, 2023

Game development studio MainFrame is sending its MMO to Alpha Test and there is a preview available. The game is a sandbox MMO powered by a player-driven system in which everything is done by gamers. Players create the towns they will live in, farm or craft, and drive their own economies. The Alpha test will roll out on November 14, 2023.

Notably, players are responsible for creating each and every aspect of life, livelihood, and system of daily life. The preview of the upcoming Home Valley alpha test shows the strong craft-driven communities that are rather reflective of the old-school MMOs.

Despite the fact that you can hunt wildlife and venture beyond your home valley to tackle a few basic dungeons in the alpha, combat is not the main focus. PvP is even disabled to allow for peaceful gameplay between the testers.

However, right now, in this first alpha test, the emphasis is squarely on a gameplay loop that the developers call “peaceful gameplay core loop.” This isn’t to say there won’t be PvP in the final game – there surely will.

The character starts the journey in the forest of the Ardennes. the world of Pax Dei is beautiful. there will be more goodies to be enabled down the road, including a full day and night cycle versus the placeholder currently in the alpha.

It’s a sandbox game, so you don’t have any direction from the moment you log in. While there is a ‘getting started’ guide, no quests are built, and no clear objectives to follow.

You may discover some ruined structures that were half-built player homes. This is thrown in to you a nudge on what you can do. There will also be enemies outside, waiting. Unless you are prepared to defend yourself. It won’t be long before your characters are smoldering heaps of slag, being wrecked by the spell-slinging mages living there.

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