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NetEase Takes Popular MMO Justice International

by on November 13, 2023

NetEase is setting the groundwork for a possible global launch of its Chinese  MMORPG Justice. In a move that signals a possible launch to Western countries, the company recently submitted a trademark application for Sword of Justice.  The application was submitted by NetEase Interactive Entertainment on September 1, 2023.

According to Reddit, NetEase may want to change its branding for Justice as it pushes forward with a global launch. This news follows a trailer shown at NetEase’s Connect 2023 presentation that showcased the game’s gameplay

In its original release, Justice captivated Chinese audiences with its immersive world and intricate Wuxia gameplay. The game’s world is based on ancient Chinese folklore and martial arts.

It offers a balance of action, adventure, and cultural depth. Justice Online is set to have AI-integrated NPCs that will provide new details that are similar to what ChatGPT is capable of. A trailer for the mobile version was presented at NetEase Connect in 2023, confirming the PC version would reach a global market by the end of the year.

The renaming is aligned with NetEase’s strategy to make the game more accessible to a global audience. This move reflects a growing trend among Chinese game developers to expand beyond their domestic markets.

With a global audience of gamers and diverse tastes and preferences, very few games of this type have lasted for long periods. Most recently, Sword of Legends shut down earlier this year.

There may be fans eagerly anticipating more news regarding what may change as NetEase adapts the game for Western players, despite similar games standing on shaky ground in the past.

In any case, the Western release of Sword of Justice will be a welcome addition to the MMORPG landscape, whether it’s merely a name change or a more significant overhaul. The gaming community will keep watching and waiting.

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