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Project Gorgon Struggles Forward Despite Having no Cash

by on November 12, 2023

Having no cash isn’t reason enough to force a shutdown of Project Gorgon. The development pair has pledged to forge along and will continue development despite huge financial hurdles.

During the game development over the past several years, Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers have faced several challenges, particularly in the area of funding. Since the game’s conception, it has been plagued by financial issues.

It has consistently been difficult to raise funds via platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. With an insurmountable list of challenges ahead, the team has decided to soldier on and do what it can to meet its financial goals.

the Financial History of Project Gargon

In 2015, Project Gorgon created a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $200,000, which was underwhelmingly funded with only $74,781. Likewise, the developers failed to raise $20,000 on IndieGoGo with only $17,230 banked.

Although it faced these challenges, Project Gorgon has captured the hearts of MMORPG players. Released on Steam on March 13, 2018, Elder Game LLC found that the game enjoyed a very positive reception.

Even though the game hasn’t garnered a ton of attention on Steam, SteamDB shows a very consistent stream of players, peaking at around 300 over the past three years.

The game was created with high aims in mind, as Eric and Sandra wanted to bring back the depth and complexity of MMOs today. Several unique gameplay elements distinguished the game from other modern MMOs.

However, despite a niche appeal, the team has noted that funding has dropped in recent years, and health problems have been overwhelming.

A recent post from Eric revealed that the game is in a difficult situation due to Sandra’s cancer and the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. He explained that they cannot afford to pay for full-time game development.

Since these factors affected productivity and financial stability, Eric and Sandra have very few options when the going gets tough. Normally, in these moments, they will not take a salary. However, due to the situation they find themselves in, they have no choice but to accept a salary.

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