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StarCraft II

StarCraft II Is Going Free-To-Play

by Todd Blackon November 3, 2017
What’s this news about StarCraft II? How will it affect what I have now in the series? At BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard revealed that one part of the trilogy of StarCraft II titles will be going free-to-play. Making it easier for many to jump into the franchise itself. Here’s the full press release: “Beginning November 14, […]

StarCraft II: Leagcy Of the Void Patch Notes Revealed

by Todd Blackon July 21, 2016
Patch 3.4.0 for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void has been detailed on the StarCraft website. Below is a small snippet, you can read the rest here. “The StarCraft II Ladder Revamp has arrived. Read on for a list of highlights! Your matchmaking rating (MMR) is now displayed in various screens throughout the StarCraft II […]

Starcraft II’s Nova Corps Ops Given Release Date!

by Todd Blackon March 16, 2016
The first part of Starcraft II’s single-player DLC content has been revealed to be coming later this month. Much sooner than many expected. Nova Corps Ops expands the single player campaign by giving players “a nine mission story told over the course of three mission packs, you’ll immerse yourself in the Koprulu sector as you […]