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Diablo IV

Diablo IV Will Not Have Ancient Items

by Todd Blackon December 7, 2019
What other features will be in Diablo IV? What are they ditching from previous games? Diablo IV is slowly getting unveiled to the world at large ever since its reveal at BlizzCon 2019. And some of the things they’re unveiling isn’t popular with fans. However, a new update has noted that Ancient Items (that were […]
Diablo IV

Blizzard Treating Diablo IV As “First Chapter” Of A Big Story

by Todd Blackon November 30, 2019
Diablo IV will be big, right? How will they treat the story? Ever since Diablo II, the Diablo series has been in a series of ups and downs, including a mobile game that was panned upon announcement. But with Diablo IV, things might be changing. Especially in regards to how the story will be treated: […]