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Blizzard Treating Diablo IV As “First Chapter” Of A Big Story

by on November 30, 2019

Diablo IV will be big, right? How will they treat the story?

Ever since Diablo II, the Diablo series has been in a series of ups and downs, including a mobile game that was panned upon announcement. But with Diablo IV, things might be changing. Especially in regards to how the story will be treated:

Diablo IV is like the first chapter of a book,” said art director John Mueller while speaking to Ausgamer. “We want to tell a big story and we want to tell it, hopefully, for a very long time. Treating this like the first chapter of a book and Lilith as a key character in this story, it feels great knowing that there are still all these other characters that could come back in the future. Or, new characters that we haven’t seen before.”

This likely means a plethora of story DLC, but we’ll have to wait for the release fo find out.

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