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Check Out a New Trailer for Diablo 3’s Anniversary Update!

by Jeffrey Harrison January 4, 2017
Blizzard Entertainment released a new trailer today for the new Anniversary Patch for Diablo 3. The new patch for the game, Patch 2.4.3, is available now for the game on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can check out the new Anniversary Patch trailer int he player below. The trailer also includes new footage […]
Diablo III - Diablo 3

BlizzCon Unveils New Diablo 3 Characters And Diablo Remake!

by Todd Blackon November 7, 2016
Over the weekend, Blizzard revealed several new details about Diablo 3, including the confirmation of the Necromancer class that was leaked last week. The character will be released via a paid character pack. You can see the reveal trailer below: But also, Blizzard revealed that they are recreating the original Diablo in Diablo 3 as […]

Diablo III Necromancer

New Diablo 3 Class May Have Been Discovered!

by Todd Blackon November 2, 2016
Right off the Sombra leak for Overwatch, another leak seems to have come. This time though for Diablo 3. The image above was found in the Blizzard Gear store, the same place where the Sombra art was shown, and appears to indicate that another class of character is coming to Diablo 3. Before the image […]
Diablo III - Diablo 3

Check Out the New Details on Diablo 3’s Next Update Patch!

by Jeffrey Harrison April 14, 2016
Blizzard Entertainment has officially revealed the full patch notes and a first look at the next update patch for Diablo 3 on (h/t via Gamespot). The current season for the game ends tomorrow, and the new 2.4.1 patch for the game will offer players new rewards and more. There will be some new pets that […]

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Diablo III’s Lead Designer Exits Blizzard! Find Out the Details Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison April 13, 2016
Diablo III’s lead designer has officially parted ways with Blizzard Entertainment and has joined a new gaming competitor (h/t via Gamespot). Leonard Boyarsky, who previously worked at Blizzard, officially joined the developer Obsidian. His role at the company is currently unknown. You can check out Obsidian’s tweet confirming the news below. According to the official […]
Diablo III - Diablo 3

What Happened to Diablo III? Learn More About Blizzard’s Investigation Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison January 15, 2016
According to a report by Gamespot, Blizzard has started investigating the console issues plaguing Diablo III after the launch of the game’s 2.4 update. The new update provided a new area and changes to seasonal characters for the game. However, it’s also caused a litany of performance issues for players on the console versions. These […]

Diablo 3 Patch Detailed Before Release

by Todd Blackon January 10, 2016
The upcoming 2.4.0 update for Blizzard’s Diablo 3 is coming next week, and on its forums, they detailed how and what we can expect from it when it arrives after much testing: “The scattered remnants of the Coven have finally made use of their pitiful existence, clearing the previously collapsed stairwell within the decrepit halls […]