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Blade & Soul Scores One Million Players in a Week! Find Out How Well This MMO Is Taking Off Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison January 25, 2016
NCSoft officially announced today (Jan. 25) that just days after the official launch of the new MMORPG, Blade & Soul, in North America and Europe, the game has already reached more than one million players. Blade & Soul received its western release on January 19. The game was previously released in Korea and China and […]

10 Most Exciting MMO Releases Due In 2016

by Nathan Gibsonon January 21, 2016
The huge success of World of Warcraft and others has led to an explosion in the number of MMOs that release every single year. Companies are prepared to bet big on creating brand new gaming franchises that they hope will attract the attention of millions of players, with recent additions such as The Elder Scrolls […]