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Why Have You Stopped Playing Destiny? Learn More About Bungie’s Survey Asking Fans Why!

by on February 3, 2016

It looks like Bungie is endeavoring to find out why certain players have stopped playing Destiny and asking them why that’s the case with a new player survey. GamesRadar¬†reports that Reddit user unknownRNG posted an apparent survey given to players asking why they have stopped playing the game. You can check out an image of the questionnaire below.

The survey asks, “Why haven’t you been playing Destiny lately?” It also asks, “how likely are you to play Destiny again in the future?” Possible answers to the first question include responses such as:¬†“I don’t have any one to play with,” “I’ve run out of things to do,” and “Too much repetition or grinding.”

Grinding is definitely a big problem in Destiny. However, the biggest problem is probably the insane loot drops for the harder raids. The loot drops are way too random, and it’s a problem that Bungie has never really fixed. It causes players to constantly get the same gear they don’t need over and over again, and they almost never get the loot that they want.

It seems whenever improvements are made there are a number of changes that are also made that players and fans are not so enthusiastic about that affect gameplay and enjoyment. Not to mention, the game’s story is still incredibly vague without any truly satisfying answers.

According to a recent report, a Destiny sequel is rumored to not meet its initially expected 2016 release plan.

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