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Dark Souls III’s Thief Character Class and More Have Been Showcased! Check Out a New Thief Gameplay Video!

by on February 3, 2016

Dark Souls III will feature a new character class for the franchise. Gamespot reports that a recent Dark Souls III livestream, courtesy of From Software, revealed new gameplay footage for the game’s new character class, which is Thief. You can check out the footage from the livestream showing the new character class as well as the new side-step ability and bow and arrow weapon in the player below.

The bow and arrow for Dark Souls III looks to shoot arrows much faster than previous installments in the franchise. However, it also comes at the cost of MP. The game also looks to contain a new dodge technique that appears to utilize MP as well. The gameplay footage also offers a new look at combat for the sequel along with some new environments. The Thief character class also looks to utilize a shield and a small, dagger-like blade.

It’s certainly nice to get a deeper look at the game and the new character classes like Thief. So far, it looks like Dark Souls III is coming together nicely. Dark Souls III’s highly anticipated release is just around the corner. The game hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on March 24.

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