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Starry Studios Opens Beta Test for Once Human

by on December 5, 2023

Game developers NetEase and Starry Studios will open a beta test for Once Human on December 6, 2023. The new MMORPG is a post-apocalyptic open-world survival game that the studios call “a New Weird Sandbox Survival Game”.

During this beta test, Netease, which is expanding its development projects, will allow you to try out the game’s features. This includes exploring the open world, crafting, and building your base. There is the possibility of playing one of two modes – PvE or even PvP with other players.

In addition, Starry Studio released a 9-minute trailer introducing Once Human‘s world, its features, the setting, and several Once Human enemies.

During the game, you will play as a Meta, one of many survivors of an extraterrestrial disaster. Your duty is to eliminate the Aberrants who are your chief enemies. Players will be battling an alien substance called Stardust.

As the virus spreads, it transforms living creatures into monsters and grants them many powerful supernatural abilities. You can upgrade your RV to be like a moving base, but you should also invest in the world around you.

Notably, other features are shown in the trailer. Some of these are set to improve your fighting skills. They include tracking down anomalies, capturing them, and using them to unlock rewards. Similar to other survival games, you’ll need to use the world around you to stay safe, find food, and improve your abilities.

In addition, your goal is to improve your arsenal and your supplies to sefl sufficient levels. This will enable you to protect the last people left around you from various threats posed by these creatures. The open world gives you the freedom to hunt, fish, and create outposts.

All that aside, the theme of the game is eliminating the alien forms and the Stardust. With careful exploration, you might be able to find secrets that could end the threat posed by them.

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