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The Wagadu Chronicles Goes to Steam Early Access

by on December 4, 2023

Game developer Twin Drums has sent its  Afrofantasy MMORPG to Steam Early Access. The game, known as the Wagadu Chronicles, is a turn-based tactical MMORPG where everything is player-made. It requires that gamers gather resources to construct weapons and tools right away.

Despite it being a sandbox game, there’s no PvP, mode, However, players can engage in friendly competition for land ownership by bringing more gifts to appease the spirits.

Twin Drums has defined the game as an open competition to claim islands, build, and craft.

“The Wagadu Chronicles is a sandbox MMORPG focused on gathering, crafting, and building villages with friends. Customize your skill-based character and join parties to defeat Spirits through unique PVE multiplayer turn-based tactical combat. Compete to claim Wagadu’s open world islands with your guild.”

Twin Drums has slashed 20% off the game’s original price and is currently being offered at a low, low price of $19.96 on Steam until December 12th. After that, the box price goes back up to $24.95.

The Wagadu Chronicles was partially funded by Riot Games’ Underrepresented Founders Program and has also been initially crowdfunded through Kickstarter. The Wagadu Chronicles’ world will also be adapted as a 5th Edition rulebook for tabletop gaming.

An important feature of the MMO is the free character creator, in which players can select the skills they want to specialize in for their avatar. You could become an expert warrior or a farmer who crops food for cookery crafters, for instance. In theory, these combinations are both compelling and intriguing ways to play an MMO.

This was best defined by the founder of Twin Drums, Allan Cudicio:

“[The Wagadu Chronicles] is an African-inspired fantasy sandbox MMORPG, so you travel through this African-inspired world, doing what you could call life skills: farming, fishing, crafting,” Cudicio explained. “It also has combat, mostly PVE, inspired by single player turn-based RPGs. Community is very important. Every village you see in The Wagadu Chronicles has been created, nurtured, and expanded by communal efforts, which again is inspired by traditions of the continent.”


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