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Players at the Hub of Pioneers of New Dawn

by on August 31, 2023

Pioneers of New Dawn is an upcoming MMO focused on changing the way gameplay is construed and employed. Centered around a player-driven hub, the new video game plans to recreate the gaming wheel.


It’s All About Player Contribution

According to a note from a recent interview with MMORPG.com, developer Arctic Theory shed new insights. This game’s intrinsic vision engenders players to make their mark on a living world. As players interact with Arctic Theory’s simulations, they are faced with unique situations.

This translates to reality. One common example shared in the interview is that of players who entered a defined environment. After entering the same habitat days later, they might find it different.  This is due to the impact of another group who may have adjusted it, or nature has started reclaiming it.

In addition, Gísli Konráðsson, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Arctic Theory said.

“We’re trying to bring back some of the experiences that people had in the early MMO games, where most of the content is the people you’re playing with. You can never write code that is as good as the interactions between players. The world of Pioneers of New Dawn is the sandbox, and we’re giving players a bunch of tools to tell their own stories.

“This kind of surveying element where you go to an area. Once there you need to measure the environment, like what is the temperature here? What is the amount of wind here? Because the world shifts and changes, it won’t always be hospitable either.”

We may be used to this common cliche of change and renovation from new developers and first-time launchers. However, Artic Theory has renowned experience in its portfolio such as  EVE Online and The Sims.  Plus, with its collaboration with players, it might just work. After all, they are working in the right direction.


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