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EVE Online’s CSM Applications Now Open

by on August 2, 2023

Do you dig politics? How about becoming a space politician? Well, New Eden has just opened up for political campaigns for those who desire to participate in its council.  Known as the Council of Stellar Management, they have just opened applications for CSM 18, running now through August 15th.

EVE Online’s election season is now officially underway,  So if you are interested, click the election link above to sign up for the chance to be voted onto the player council. This term’s CSM, or CSM 18 as it’s known in the game, will be voted on during the lead-up to this year’s EVE Fanfest 2023. Winners will be chosen but will only be announced during the festival.

Management is hoping to bring changes to the CSM this year. One such revamping process has made adjustments to the term limits. Long standing members can no longer contest elections. The incumbents may not seek new office tenures.

Another change has increased the number of council members. The current council has only ten members but will expand to 12 on the CSM panel.

The two new council members will be chosen from the election runners-up between 11th and 20th. The selection process will be conducted by the games studio, CCP Games themselves, According to a statement from CCP Games,  they will select the two additional members based on “what areas of knowledge” they think will be “most valuable” to the council based on the content they have coming down the pipeline.

CCP Games made the decision based on the return of EVE Online’s development moving from Quadrant updates and back to expansions. Eve Online was first released in 2003 by CCP Games.

EVE Online is a free-to-play community-driven space MMO that let players choose unique battle paths from countless different options. Gamers will explore new planets, mine for resources, and play in different battle royale styles –  PvP and PvE,


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