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Tower of Fantasy Comes to PS5 in August

by on August 1, 2023

In a detailed post on its Twitter page, Perfect World Games has announced two important events that will occur on the same date, August 8.  The first news informed players that Tower of Fantasy will be launching on PS5.

The game is free to play but in the mood to celebrate the launch on PS5, Perfect World has created pre-order bundles with value discounts on in-game goodies and exclusives. Fans can download the game completely free on multiple platforms and mobile.

The second great news coming from the studio, announces that the release of the Tower of Fantasy  3.1 update will also launch on the same day as the PS5 launch (August 8th). Update 3.1 will feature extensive changes including:

  • the new Cloudpeak Manor zone
  • a new boss
  • new story content.

Tower of Fantasy was first launched in 2021 and takes place in a future time hundreds of years to come on the fictional distant planet of Aida. Game characters are summoned to shut down the Omnium extractors that feed massive levels of Omnium into the Tower of Fantasy.

The Omnium places the world in danger of a possible overload which would cause the tower to explode. This would result in the annihilation of the planet’s inhabitants including animals and plants. As the characters work together under a planet boss, they must mine, explore and build skills and arms to eliminate the threat.

While Tower of Fantasy is more popular as a mobile game, it does have actual MMO elements. Most notably, the absence of an auto-play mode. The game draws inspiration from Genshin Impact but differs in the play format and being an MMO. It’s also playable on both Steam and Epic Games, which is super convenient.

The game is available on PC (Windows) and Geforce Now. Players can take advantage of the new bundles and start playing on August 8.

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