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PC Gamer Believes Dark Souls 3 Is What 2 Should’ve Been

by on March 1, 2016

When a new game exceeds both fan and critic expectations, there’s an innate pressure on the developer to ensure that the sequel is just as good as the original, or its predecessor. Thus was the case when the original Dark Souls came out. For some though, Dark Souls 2 wasn’t what it should’ve been, despite the great sales numbers and reviews. So when Dark Souls 3 was announced, the pressure was even higher to recapture the originals glory

For PC Gamer, it appears that has happened. As they wrote a piece stating that Dark Souls 3 is what Dark Souls 2 should’ve been. Check out the full article here, but you can hear the key piece of judgment below:

“The bosses are great and the new areas are beautiful. I worry that the series may have completed its transition from from narrative masterwork to repeatable template, but the template has been greatly refined since Dark Souls 2—a patchy game that endured a troubled development. Dark Souls 3 could be the sequel the original truly deserves. Today’s tech allows for a new level of scale and detail, and Dark Souls 3 gives us a chance to explore From’s vision on a grander scale. It may not reach the standards of the extraordinary original, but that opportunity is just too good to pass up.”

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