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Palia Moves into Open Beta

by on August 10, 2023

Palia has emerged from closed Beta and is now in its open beta phase. Access to the game on PC is now available. In a new development blog, the Singularity 6 team welcomed all new players who are entering the world of Palia.

According to the post, it has been a long journey covering a series of alpha tests, stress tests, tech tests, closed beta, and finally, it is open to the public.  Accepting players from anywhere with a PC.

In addition, the team expressed its gratitude to participants of these tests and more so, for the invaluable feedback and support they contributed to Palia’s development. It also made mention of the corporation between players, considering the game that they were trying to make. In the end, it came out right and they now have a shared cozy world, with extensive activities, and exploration.

Best Time to Try Palia

Bingo! The tests have passed and the studio is still tweaking a bit here and there. Yet, after hearing so much about this new game, it is about time you tried it. Never mind the character swipes, any space you create will remain ‘your space’.

Getting involved is easy! Just grab your glider and wander around the terrain, meet the people – the NPCs, mentors – catch some insects, sit by the woods, or even start a summer romance. It is your space, do what you love.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that the team will be rolling out improvements and expansions such as new quests, new content, and maybe new monsters, or treasures. Last week the team mentioned a list of new features that will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.

You can read more details in the Palia Discord, they shared updates acknowledging that ‘there are still some significant known issues, and that help is on the way for those who have remaining issues, missing items, or glitches.’

“We knew as we entered Beta that there would certainly be a large number of issues and general instability — some of which we would be seeing for the first time as it’d be the largest testing group we’ve had to date. In the last seven days, we conducted a total of five hotfixes as our team tirelessly worked to solve as many impacting our Palians as we could. We have learned so much since then, improving our systems and abilities to diagnose things more swiftly and accurately with each one ”

For more info, or to join the open beta, head to Palia.

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