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World of Titans Plans Closed Beta this Year

by on August 11, 2023

After pulling it closed beta earlier this year due to technical issues, World of Titans is back in the saddle and has announced development progress that could lead to a beta test phase this year.

According to the developers of the MMO, the team was obligated to close its demo months ago due to bugs and other technical issues beyond its control. The studio has been busy since then. working around the clock to restore and revamp the game on Unreal Engine 5.

In a recent announcement, Archage unveiled a new logo that would showcase the intrinsic theme of the renovated World of Titans. Plus, the studio declared that the game was closer to beta and that it would be before year’s end.

Archage has been working hard at re-introducing the classic style of MMORPG gameplay that has been eroding during the past years. The company drew inspiration from TitanReach and created an MMO based on old-school settings and formats.

In addition, as the project evolves, players will find a renovated way to cast spells, blend potions, etc, without abandoning the old magical standard laid down in the history of the genre.

Even though the studio is keeping details about the changes and upgrades closed for now, they were keen to share that the game is approaching the testing phases. As expected and is common with games, there will be closed beta testing before an open test occurs.

Nonetheless, the company did specify that Founder’s Pack access will be granted before a public test, planned to take place later this year. As the studio labors ardently, it will be providing sneak peeks and reveals to keep the gaming community updated

So, before the year comes to a close, even if Santa comes late, we can rest assured that we will be seeing the World of Titans closed beta rollout.

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