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New World Season 4: Eternal Frost Last Minute Delay

by on December 13, 2023

New World Season 4: Eternal Frost was scheduled to launch today. The development team promised ”everything you need to know before the update, including update times and details” However, this will not be as the team has delayed the launch..

The MMO.com website seemed to mock the studio as it wrote: ”Christmas has been stolen from New World players, not by The Grinch, but by an unexpected issue with the open-world MMORPG’s Eternal Frost update. The update was supposed to launch yesterday but has been delayed indefinitely while the developers work on a fix.”

According to the pre-release teaser trailer, a Knight of the Round Table, Ser Loth, is dabbling in dangerous new abilities after studying some forbidden knowledge. The Players must work together to stop the Commander of the Frostbound and save Aeternum from an eternal frost.

In addition, the Silver Crows were expected to be back. Players will be able to recruit a new fire mage to help them beat him and show him that they’re worth his time.

The new mage, Daichi Saito, hails from feudal Japan and possesses several skills from his years as a warrior and his study of fire magic. His personality is marked by distrust, but he is a strong ally.

However, Amazon dashed players’ excitement aside due to an unresolved issue in the release.

“Unfortunately during the final rounds of testing we discovered an issue with Eternal Frost that remains unresolved,” developer Amazon reported. “Our team is working hard to address the issue and deliver this release as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

This update was supposed to kick off the holiday season in Aeternum with the return of Winter Convergence and a brand new seasonal narrative centered on the Glacial Tarn expedition. Players should stay tuned for further updates.

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