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Amazon Blue Protocol Comes to The West in 2024

by on July 25, 2023

While the Japanese gaming community is basking in the thrills of the newly released Blue Protocol, June 14, the West will have to grin and bear it until 2024. The  Amazon and Bandai Namco’s anime MMORPG game has been the desire of most Western gamers who were promised a 2023 launch.

However, Amazon Gaming told the gaming community that the delay was due to the gamers’ feedback received during the open Beta. The studio wanted to optimize the game with desired adjustments so that it would deliver a product desired by the West.

However, the excitement is not thwarted and continues as one of Western gamers’ top anticipated games. What is this game really about?

Blue Protocol is an online action RPG developed for PC set in the fictional world of Regnas, in the middle of an apocalyptic war. Players must choose a character and class and set out to explore and plunder new worlds.

Gamers may begin refining their character even before choosing a class. The adjustments and design console is super allowing for almost complete editing freedom.  You can edit options such as hair color, body type, and such that are found in most character creators.

Choosing a class will further define your character. The class system consists of five different classes.

  1. Blade Warden
  2. Twin Striker
  3. Keen Strider
  4. Spell Weaver
  5. Foe Breaker

The classes in Blue Protocol are distinct even though they may allow you to remember similar games, such as the sword and board-wielding Blade Warden, or the hulking medium-ranged Foe Breaker, which carries a large Warhammer cannon into the game.

One of my favorite features of Blue Protocols is its ample flexibility in that players can switch classes at any time without having to change characters.

Blue Protocol is developed by  BANDAI NAMCO Studios, and BANDAI NAMCO Online Inc, and published by Amazon Games.


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