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Space Nation Online Coming Soon

by on July 24, 2023

The Telikos Cluster. This is the world where gamers will navigate in a Star Trek style space exploration. It is a fictional universe where they will encounter pirates, warring factions, and hostile aliens that do not wish them there. As they settle, and face dangerous enemies and perilous journeys, they will hunt for wealth, hidden riches, and resources.

The New Frontier

Gamers will have worlds of fun as they embark on voyages to discover new planets, acquire and upgrade spacecraft, and prepare to establish bases. Players must recruit and train new crew to man their war fleet. Their aim is to conquer and colonize new worlds.

This is probably one of the newest games to fund its game economy with cryptocurrency. The world focuses on the digital coin Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a method of trade that enable gamers to engage in an open marketplace.  Players are expected to explore and mine resources, produce commodities and equipment, and later at the marketplace, buy, sell, or trade these resources.

The battles are fought on different fronts all of which are common to MMORPG games. Specific types of conflicts are as follows.

  • Player vs. environment (PvE),
  • Player vs. player (PvP), and
  • Guild vs. guild vs. environment (GvGvE) matches.

Space Nation Online is supported by important funding and technical magnates.  Game developer, Space Nation Inc, was able to acquire substantial funding, over $50 million for the game’s development. Investors include Chain Hill Capital, Foresight Ventures, and Lighthouse Capital, among other powerhouses that have recognized the game’s potential.

The developer has planned a three-step launch projectile which includes players and their valuable contributions.

  1. The first phase will release an alpha test in August 2023
  2. This will be followed by a full functional closed beta in January 2024,
  3. Finally, an open beta is projected in May 2024.

Space Nation Online is set to raise the bar in going where none has gone before. Soon we will tour the universe, conquer planets and drive the hostile alien colony from our new worlds.

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